Professional headshots: three reasons why you need one

Ever wondered why it’s so important to have a professional headshot? It’s more than just a trend; it’s a pivotal asset. Drawing from my experience as a headshot photographer, let me tell you that a good headshot is essential for most businesses.

  1. Your Online Presence Defines Your Business
    In today’s digital landscape, 74% of consumers base their decisions on online research and social media to make their purchasing decisions. Especially with Millennials dominating the workforce, an online persona that reflects your business and who you are is imperative. Having an awesome headshot that captures your personality can help people relate to you, even before they meet you.
  2. Networking Power: Amplified by a Killer Headshot
    Effective networking hinges on leaving a lasting impression. A compelling headshot helps people remember you when you see them again. If your headshot isn’t outdated by 10 years, you optimize your chances that you’re one of the few people that others remember. After meeting someone for the first time, promptly connect with them on social media – they’ll see your great headshot, reinforcing the association between your face and name.
  3. Rise Above the Competition
    In today’s cutthroat markets, differentiation is key. Whether in banking, real estate, tech, or anything else, standing out is paramount. A contemporary website, an engaging social media presence, and stellar headshots position you as the superior choice. Just as quickly as you might dismiss any business you might walk into that you get a bad feeling about, people do this often online as well. Don’t let that happen to your business – make sure you are showing your business in the best way possible with professional headshots of you and your team.
  4. Convey Tone Effectively
    Email communication often lacks nuance, leading to misinterpretation. A friendly headshot in your email signature counteracts this, ensuring people perceive your messages positively. It’s a subtle, yet potent, reminder of how friendly and charming you are.

Bonus: Professional Headshot Do’s and Don’ts

  • Do hire a specialized professional aligned with your brand’s message.
  • Don’t assume any photographer can capture who you are; choose wisely.
  • Do provide clear direction to your photographer, based on your brand’s identity. Let him/her know what you’re looking for and what’s important to you.
  • Don’t resort to amateur attempts with your phone; authenticity trumps filters every time.